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RTP MOH Missing


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Thanks for the question.

Option 1:

I will like to provide MOH from a livestream (icecast or shoutcast) .AAC or .MP3 audio-only, to be able to decode at a local port in VodiaPBX to then connect the port to it.


Option 2:

I will like to phone audio stream, like i used to do so using Freepbx audio with mpg123 decoder.

-If this is possible.

Thank You



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Thank You,

I did try that, but it seems that i cannot use and URL there.. to feed the section.

It seems that i need to be running some kind of decoder withing the network or same machine.

But, in my case, i have the Vodias, on a remote public/static IP address network (cloud based), but i do have icecast and wowza servers at other public servers too.

Hope this helps.



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VodiPBX  listens on the RTP port you specify, BUT it only starts listening when you put a call on hold.

Stream via VLC using:

vlc http://[shoutcastip]:[shoutcastport] --loop --norm-max-level=5 --sout='#transcode{acodec=ulaw,samplerate=8000,channels=1,ab=16}:rtp{dst=[vodia IP],port-audio=[vodia MOH PORT]]
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Thank You for the information.  Im planning to setup Vodias at customers sides.  instead of appliances from GS, i will begin using Vodias-PBX (small appliance) soon.

But in this particular case, where i dont really using Vodia locally, instead im using it as a SSwitch, i would like to include a way to call and listen to audio feed stream..

I will try that up, keep you posted.

Thank You Very Much.

PS: Oh is it a way to make that code to run as a service somehow? like converting it to an .exe and then added to the windows svcs?


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I have opened remote public server firewall port 42000 for both TCP and UDP, and make Vodia to listen to port 42000 as well.

Redirected the DID to Conference to set MOH source, and this is set. 

Dont know what to place in moderator user/pass or is it something that it also needs to be sent from VLC


Im trying this without luck:

vlc http://icecast2server/audio.mp3(or .aac) --loop --norm-max-level=5 --sout='#transcode{acodec=ulaw,samplerate=8000,channels=1,ab=16}:rtp{dst="x.x.x.x",port-audio=42000}'


Hope this helps


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