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Licence key problem after upgrade to

Richard Gration

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I have a CS410 with 4x snom 320 handsets connected and a Cisco SPA8000 ATA that connects 5x analogue handsets (total 9 extensions active on the CS410). Everything was working fine until I upgraded the firmware over the weekend from to After that the SPA8000 couldn't log in the 5 extensions and I was getting error messages every hour saying that the SPA8000's IP address 'has been blacklisted for 60 minutes because there were 5 unsuccessful authentication attempts (sip)'. After each hourly attempt, the system error log had an error message saying: '3rd party registration licenses exceeded (1 > 0)'.


My licence status information still showed that I was licensed for 10 extensions and everything else on that page looked the same as previously.


The only way I could get the CS410 to register all 9 extensions again was to change the licence key to a free demonstration licence, which allows up to 10 extensions to register.


Any ideas on why the licence key that came with the CS410 and had worked with all the previous versions of the firmware suddenly changed behaviour after upgrading to


Is it possible to get a replacement licence key issued for my CS410 that will work properly to allow all 9 extensions to connect again rather than using a demonstration licence? Does the demonstration licence expire after a period of time?

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Hmm, was 4.3 already a snom ONE image? I don't remember there were ever images made for the CS410. On of the main point of move from pbxnsip to snom was to allow only snom phone registrations. That's when you get that message "3rd party registration licenses exceeded".


About the blacklisting: I would just white-list the SPA IP address, then you should not get that blacklisting message.


The demonstration license key does not expire. The only problem with is that technically it is only a demo key, not for productive usage.


Whatever you do, make sure that you have a backup. You can also log in to the CS410 with SSH and tar the working directory. This is better than using the web interface, because it includes all information.

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I am speaking of the button labeled RETRIEVE on the Snom 370. Every other phone dials their extension number when pressed and they can retrieve their voicemail. But when this particular extension (3307) presses their RETRIEVE button, it dials 993307. I am trying to figure out what is inserting the 99.

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In the Vodia PBX working directory there is a folder called generated folder, in Windows the path is C:\Program Files\Vodia Networks\Vodia PBX\generated> and in Linux it's

usr/local/pbx/generated in it are the configuration files for all of the phones on that particular domain. You can find the contents of the provisioned phone and do a query for 993307 and and you can log into the phone GUI and see it was programmed manually.


The other solution would be to reset the phone and provisioning it again.

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