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Ive got a cust that is having issues logging in to the web interface with Firefox or Chrome.


I use Firefox exclusively and Ive never had issues.


Anyone got any ideas? Typically he is able to log in once, but when he tries again later in the day it fails.


It does work with IE (boo)



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So your problem is that you cannot login with Chrome or Firefox? That is definitively not related to websocket. If you could be a little bit more specific, like what version and what page you are trying to load...

Ive not had this issue.


My cust is complaining that he cannot log in. So he hits the login page and uses known good creds and it just keeps taking him to the same login screen. This is on firefox an chrome


If he uses IE, it works


Running Version: 5.0.10 (CentOS64)

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I thought there was a bug with that version? 5.0.10 which was fixed in 5.1?


I had the same problem with a client and now its working fine using the latest version, if you update it should fix.


If not you have to keep clearing the cookies/cache


Release Notes 5.1.0

Web login: Depending on the version, when the user selected to stay logged in, the PBX could mix up the session cookies and permanent cookies, making it hard to log in again. This was replaced now with a changed session duration for the "stay logged in" case.

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