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Call History not working


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I have been having a lot of issues since upgrading to Snom One 5.1.3 over the Christmas period.


The current issue is that call history is not working in either the web interface or UC Client, Call History, Missed Calls and even active calls in the admin interface are all empty.


I did attempt to upgrade the latest version last week but had to revert as the service refused to start with the new version installed.

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Hi I have updated to the latest build above and still cannot access any call history when logged in as a user (extension) although the call history is showing on the admin page no problem. I am also wondering if this is also the reason that I am unable to see missed call on the local phones connected to the extension. The CLI is being passed through fine as when a call is in progress you can see a call is waiting and the number shows, however once they ring off and you go back to missed calls there is no number showing?? is all of this at all coincidental??

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We did fix it but unfortunately somehow the build on the website had not been updated. To confirm that If you look at the build date in Status General, you will see the date much earlier.


I am sorry for that, can you please do the update http://snomone.com/downloads/snomONE/version-5.2.2a.xml again and then the check that the build date is from today April 22nd.


In this version it should be fixed.


Please let us know.



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That has improved the situation as we can now see the call log in the extensions web login, however it only shows outgoing calls and no missed calls at all??


Again on the admin login it is showing all calls in the call log.


Am I right in thinking that this is the same problem affecting the missed calls on the phones themselves??


Best regards



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We can't reproduce it the way you are describing it.


You say, you can see all calls in the Admin call log including incoming, outgoing and even missed (calls with no duration).


But in the user portal you can see only outgoing calls, and nothing in the missed calls?


Here in user portal, I see incoming and outgoing calls, so no problem there.


In missed calls, I see them from extensions and some trunks but not when the trunk comes through another account like auto attendant, and we are looking into that. But that is not what you describe.


Also the missed calls must show on his phone too, right? Because we are seeing them perfectly on the phones.

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Hi the pbx is setup with 3 extensions and there is a main sip trunk going to a hunt group where all 3 phones ring together. The phones are 2 Snom 300's and a Snom M9r. The three phones are all set to allow each other access to their mailbox giving a single mailbox essentially. The hunt group rings all 3 extensions 101,102 and 103 and then goes to 8101 voicemail. At present the customer does not see any missed calls on the phones or if we use the portal in user account mode we do not see any listings. However we can see the call history, I assume that the system records missed calls even if they go to voicemail as it always used to. I will be going to the clients premises soon so I will be making some onsite tests as well just to see if there is something they are doing incorrectly.

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