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It would be nice to have screen similar to DID management where you can see all MAC addresses assigned to extensions in a domain. There are instances where we temporarily assign a phone to a domain until we get a permanent phone. Or for testing purposes create an extension and assign a MAC address to it. If we forget which domain it was in and forget to delete it but want to reuse the phone somewhere else we cannot because that MAC address is elsewhere. It would be nice to know where it is or e able to search for it...


Is something like this possible?

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For hosted systems there are no devices plugged into the LAN that the PBX resides on so this would not work very well.


If I navigate to the DID Management page I can see a list of each DID, the domain, the account and the outbound DID. Here is the heading copied from the DID Management page.


DID Mapped-To-Domain Mapped-To-Account Outbound-DID


I think what we are looking for is a similar page that has the MAC, the Domain and the Account that the MAC is assigned to. Call it MAC Management for example.


MAC Mapped-To-Domain Mapped-To-Account


For those of us who use Vodia as a hosted platform with 50 to 100 domains on each server this would be a very useful feature.




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