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Mic is working, but there's no audio

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I'm using release 66 with last Vodia Phone App (3.0.0).

I've a problem with the audio.

I'm using an USB headset (regularly working with other apps) and only the MIC is working with Vodia.

I've checked all OS authorizations for the app, and tested the audio from the app (see attached image).

As you can see, there's audio input but not audio output.

Any hint? 

Thank you in advance.


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3 hours ago, Support said:

Which App is this?

Vodia Phone.

See enlarged screenshot.

3 hours ago, Support said:

Can you make sure that the App has all the permissions for the Audio device it is being connected to?

I've already dobule/triple checked this.. but I'll do it one more time.

Any way I'm quite sure permissions are ok.


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Audio out is greyed out because there's no test for the microphone, and only there to show what devices is connected. The Windows OS audio test doesn't show any audio for the Vodia app since I imagine those screenshots weren't take during an active call. Unlike Windows OS, Vodia app doesn't keep microphone on all the time and only opens stream when needed (for obvious reasons).

Is this issue just for the Audio page, or you are experiencing it with the mic during calls as well? 

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