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Call Parking on Vodia Windows App


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Hi Team;

What are all the possible ways a user might be able to park a call within the latest Vodia App or Chrome browser user mode?  If I roll back to app version 1 then I can use the "P" button within the app to park a call and at the bottom right there is an option to retrieve the parked call and this works on both incoming and outgoing calls.  If i upgrade to any version in the 2.0 or 3.0 branch then the "P" button no longer functions like this and I can't figure out how its supposed to function.

  • In the case of an incoming call, the "P" button can be selected and will either display the preferred park orbits in the window above, or if no preferred park orbits are defined then it will say "undefined".  If you do get presented with a list of park orbits and you click one, it displays in the bottom right of the app or browser window that there is a call parked, but you cannot click on it to retrieve it.  However you can dial the park orbit extension and it will retrieve - but then you can never park a call again until your next incoming call and the "P" option will become deactivated after its first use.  
  • In the case of an outgoing call, the "P" button is shaded out and not available to be pressed at all.
  • I had also attempted a work around by trying to transfer a call into a park orbit as if I were transferring to another extension, but this will fail and call will be dropped.
  • The text at the bottom of the screen that indicates a call is parked does not indicate what park orbit the call is parked on and since its not clickable text, the user will have to guess what parking extension to dial manually.

Tested on platform  Vodia PBX 66.0.1  multi-tenant hosted

Chrome Browser 85.0.4183.102 , Windows Store App 3.0.1,   MSI install App 3.2.0

At this time I can't figure out the way to park calls in the apps or browsers listed above unless downgrading user to MSI install App 1.1.0 and then the park button works perfectly and so does the parking retrieve functionality, but as there are notification issues with version 1.10 I'm trying to figure out how to make it work in the latest builds please. 






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Just to add to this.


Can confirm the functionality across different platforms. It does not seem to be relevant to the PBX version but more-so the app/web version and i assume the latest PBX versions run the latest web version of the app.

I installed the v1.xx app and tested the parking orbit feature and it worked identical as in the pictures above, but the latest release from the MS store deviates from v1.xx with the issues present.


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