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Department based address book?


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Hi Team,

Wondering if it would be possible to have an address book based on a department?

We have a couple of clients that have multiple sites and their address books are not the same across all sites.
Thought is would be a good option to be able to specify a Department and/or Building to specify an address book?

Or a way to add multiple domain address books and select which one the user sees from the admin portal?

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You cannot CSV upload the category field - which is a bit of a pain.
I'm unsure of how you would utilise this?
Doesn't look like it would help. 

We have a customer that owns multiple unrelated businesses.
Each has their own address book.

Perfect world - it would be great to be able to create multiple address books per tenant.
Set one as default, then add others and have the ability to select the relevant address book on a per extension basis. 

Or even add a relationship to a department or building - and if an extension is in that dept or build, have an option to display dept/building address book entries.

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The category field is available also for CSV upload (it is actually the last column). 

In the next release we will introduce a group concept where extensions can be listed as group members. We still have only one domain address book, but we can start thinking how we use that for having something like department address books.

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We have also some customers which would like to be able to use the "category" field in order to sort contact lists for each of the customer's agency ( for example : Marseille, Lyon ...) or filter the contacts lists depending of the category of contact (provider, customer, ...)

Is anything like this planned for future releases ?

Best regards,

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