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Maximum Number of Calls


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i am registering an ATA that could handle upto 8 Lines and client would only need 5 lines,

what the right way how to limit the lines,

i am using 1 ext for all lines, and the ATA does the hunting, and would like to limit the calls to only max 5 calls, and i have test it by adding 1 at Maximum Number of Calls and i have test one call it didn't go through since its 2 leg, so would i need to put 10 if i would allow 5 calls,


and is there a way to send back a busy signal if all 5 lines are busy

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The PBX knows two types for calls: Objects and Legs. The call license counts objects while other features may look at the legs. So 5 calls in the license should be sufficient.



In the main domain settings i what to limit the customer to 4 calls (4 objects) can you please fix this



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