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Sure. There are currently three things: 1. Enable the TAPI service provider to show incoming calls 2. Use AJAX or something else to refresh the calls in the web interface whenever something changes 3. Have a native Windows application displaying buttons like on a hard phone.


IMHO 2. looks like easiest way at the moment and it would also enable a lot of potential other things. Once the PBX has a way to tell the web browser "hey there is something" we can do a lot of interesting things.


Opinions, hints?

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I remember seeing something saying you guys were working on this, do you know if there's any idea of release date? We're about to be split between two offices, and it'd be handy to have for ourselves :D



Well there is good news an the horizon. I have been working closely with PBXNSIP concerning the long sought after console.


I strongly beleive there will be a Beta Test Release available around the end of January 2008.


Bill H

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Guest kevin

yes version 1 of the pbxnsip attendant console (PAC) should be in beta this week. It will show the extensions and the trunks real time and grow from there. We will start a new group with the info on how to download it by Friday if we get the last couple issues resolved.

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I have installed the pac onto my pc. It is registering and under the information tab it shows all the extensions that I setup for the pac buttons. The problem I am having is it doesn't show any thing in the extention tab. Is their something else I need to setup? I will attach a screan shot of the pac extension tab. Also, the link I downloaded the pac from is supposed to be version but, the version I have after install is Thanks for any help

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Guest kevin

Did you try restarting it to see if that helps? So on the pac extension in the configuration profile you mapped it to that button group in the registration tab? The contents of the log file would be helpful.

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Did you set up a button group for the extension that your register with?

Yes, I tried a restart and, I have the PAC buttons setup. In the PAC extension, I chose the PAC configuration Profile.

I included a word doc of the pac log


FYI: Extension 205 is the only extension that has a phone registered to it.


This is my button list for the PAC

Button List "PAC"

name type parameter

1 Monitor Ext. (on software ext. board) 201

2 Monitor Ext. (on software ext. board) 202

3 Monitor Ext. (on software ext. board) 203

4 Monitor Ext. (on software ext. board) 204

5 Monitor Ext. (on software ext. board) 205


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Oh it seems you are using an old version of the PAC. This version had a bug with the parsing of the responses, and was not able to safely locate the attachments (sic!). Try this link: http://www.pbxnsip.com/pac/setup.exe, that should get you the latest and greatest.

I uninstalled the pac that I had on my pc. I then installed the version from the link in the previous reply. I still don't have anything showing up in my extension tab. Also, after I installed the pac the version is still showing up as I am running (Win32) Version of pbxnsip


This is the error I get in the messages tab of the pac console. I don't get an error message at all if I don't assign the pac extension a configuration profile


Message type :ERROR received at :4/30/2008 10:39:22 AM

-----------------------Begin Message------------------------

System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.

at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)

at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)

at System.Int32.Parse(String s)

at AttendantConsole.MainForm.send501(String message)

-----------------------End Message--------------------------

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