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New wav file not stored by system


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Our IVR has bee running fine for months.


Today I wanted to replace one of the wav files. But the system does not store the new file.


The uploading seems to work and the file's name is shown after the Upload button. Once I hit save the file's name disappears and I could go through the process all over again.


How can I get rid of this strange behaviour? There is for V 64bit and under full administrative rights.



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In version 4, when you upload a file through the web interface it will "land" in the audio_moh folder. The big problem with that is that it will overwrite files that have the same name (even the pre-installed files). Make sure that you choose a file name that does not exist in the audio_moh folder before uploading a new one.

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Well, I checked on this and on our system the IVR wav files are not in the audio_moh folder, but in the recordings folder. I am using distictive file names, so they are easy to locate.


However, where ever they might be located, the system does not accept new uploads and simply ignores them. Once I click on Save the file path is gone.


I also tried to copy the wavs into both, the audio-moh and recordings folder to set them up from there. Still no success.


Probably one of the file directories on the system is malfunctioning,

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Finally I found the solution through a couple of tests. SnomOne could not deal with my new wav files.


I produced and downsampled the master wav files on a Linux audio workstation to 8 kHz Mono, 16 bit.


Our SnomOne is running on a Windows Server. So I checked the downsampled wav files on a Windows computer before uploading the them to SnomOne and eveything was fine.


However, there seems to be an issue with wav files originating from Linux not working in conjunction with the SnomOne software, so they are even not uploaded by the system (without any specific error message).


So I converted the master wav files from Linux on a Windoiws system to 8 kHz Mono, 16 bit and SnomOne would store them.


Another compatibility issue solved.

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