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can't send daily/receive CDRs


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Hello everybody


I am a new user here as well as new to the PBX. I guess you will see me here often =)


Here is my problem.

I am new in the company and my ex-colleague has done a lot of work in order to get the system working.
Unfortunately, he has left suddenly and I think he messed up the things here for a reason.


However, the system is still working, but the daily CDR are not working anymore. He has changed the password of the email which is used by the PBX and since then it stopped working.

I did reset of the passwords and it seems like both have communication between each other, but the CDRs are not being send yet. I tried the Test function and still can't receive them.


What could be the problem ? Where should I start looking at ? When I access the email and look into the history - it shows that someone has entered the email via the smtp.

So, I guess the problem should be somewhere else, but I / still / just don't have that imagination.


Please, help me out with this, because is vital for me and the company too.






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Lol, actually it looks like that the email has stopped working at all.


Here is what is said:


CDR Records: O=12618, T=12055, E=449, I=12792

Calls: total: 435/130 current: 2/4

SIP packet statistics: Tx: 28945 Rx: 28042

Emails: Successful sent:0 Unsuccessful attempts:104 (Warning: Last email could not be sent!)

Uptime: 1d 01:09:07 Memory=228094K

Number of HTTP sessions: 1 (2 requests)

Domain Statistics: 1 (31 users)

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[5] 2015/11/02 18:15:06: Certificate for smtp.gmail.com could not be verified against

[5] 2015/11/02 18:15:06: SMTP: Connection to failed

[5] 2015/11/02 18:15:11: Certificate for smtp.gmail.com could not be verified against

[5] 2015/11/02 18:15:11: SMTP: Connection to failed

[5] 2015/11/02 18:15:16: Certificate for smtp.gmail.com could not be verified against

[5] 2015/11/02 18:15:16: SMTP: Connection to failed

This is what I get from the log. I also updated the certificates to be more sure, but nothing ....

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I was forced to change the email server. Here is what the log says:


[8] 16:14:45.494 EMAI: SMTP: Connect to [8] 16:14:45.824 EMAI: SMTP: Received 220 smtp.xxxxxx.xxx ESMTP [8] 16:14:45.824 EMAI: SMTP: Send EHLO localhost [8] 16:14:45.840 EMAI: SMTP: Received 250-smtp.xxxxxx.xxx Hi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
250-SIZE 36971520
250 AUTH PLAIN LOGIN [8] 16:14:45.840 EMAI: SMTP: Send AUTH PLAIN AGtpbGxhcnVuYUBhYnYuYmcAbHVuYXRpeA== [8] 16:14:46.084 EMAI: SMTP: Received 235 Authentication successful for xxx@xxxxxx.xxx - authsql/plain [8] 16:14:46.084 EMAI: SMTP: Send MAIL FROM:<PBX Reporting System> [8] 16:14:46.098 EMAI: SMTP: Received 501 could not parse your mail from command [5] 16:14:46.098 EMAI: SMTP Server returned 501


Any help would be appreciated !!!

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Could be a problem with what you put into your from address. Is it in the form account@domain.com? You can also try "Name" <account@domain.com>. Maybe you can post here the exact FROM message (ok to change names, of course). Different email servers are more or less picky about the exact syntax.

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Looking at the RFC... The only thing I can think of right now is that the address must be in <>, but it seems that is the case in your log. Can you attach a TXT file, so that the message editor of the forum does not mingle it? Please make 100 % sure that there are no spaces, tabs or anything "invisible" in the account settings. That seems to be a problem.

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Sorry to burst in the post.


Thank you Vodia for this: "We had cases where the CDR directories contained old records with higher sequence numbers (e.g. 102134.xml). The timestamps in the file system will tell you if they are outdated. If that is the case just move them into a separate directory and restart the service."


Just wanted to post a new topic :)



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