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Professionally recorded names and personal greetings

Wellington Roger

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We have professionally recorded names and personal greetings on behalf of our employees. They will have the option of re-recording these .WAV files if they want or go with the professional versions. What has to be specifically done to incorporate these files into the PBX. They appear to go in the PBX\recordings folder but seem to be randomly named. How do I set this up?

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their is a loose file system in that the files starting with attxxx.wav are the auto attendants, acd0_xxx.wav is the ACD greeting , acd1_xxx.wav are all the ACD first messages ,


name1.wav = the recorded name (option3) and personalx.wav is the greeting you have mentioned ... unfortunately, that's it and there's really no way to see what recording goes to what extension I have ever found , it may be buried in the XML tables somewhere ...


I would like to see the ability to upload a .wav in the future for all extensions and accounts, just like we can for Auto Attendants .. that would make personal recorded messages more useful ..


if we can upload a picture , why not the greetings ...

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Until then, we use a dummy extension for our professional voice to use and we have a few quick batch / script files to copy / rename the latest WAV files off to another folder for review using Goldwave editor, we then edit the real extension and copy / rename the appropriate file to that ext.


If the user overwrites that message for a vacation or something, we have the original pro message and can restore it.


Same for our music on hold files,

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i couldnt find the link for the wiki page


but im very intrested in knowing more details onhow to upload pre=recorded greetings and how do i assign to which mail box it will belong to?


I believe the easiest is to record some dummy prompts and then look into the file system, play them back and then replace them accordingly.

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There is another PBX system that creates folders for each extension. Within each extension there are 2 folders - Voicemail and IVR. In the IVR folder there is greeting.wav or something like that. Just need to replace that wav file for that ext. and you're done. Very easy. Also easy to get to a users VM folder for backup or recovery. Or even to off-load it to a different location for archival purposes.


Just a thought.

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There is another PBX system that creates folders for each extension. Within each extension there are 2 folders


They also use a symbolic link to link the voice mail to the devices.. hahahaha lame


I like the organization factor, but i would wonder if users have that much control to upload every odd voice mail greeting if they will ever get the file type right? Right now admins upload IVR greetings and know what mono WAV file to upload. then we will need a whole thread on sox!


BUT what i really would like it to upload MOH. that's something an admin can do just fine.


Not opposed to uploading greeting, great idea. I just don't want my hosted PBX people to be able to.

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