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  2. CO Lines have been used for other uses where rather than using multiple identities CO Line would offer a better option so that by selecting a CO Line will determine the ANI sent out for that call. This is an important use for serviced offices. We have set up CO lines as per the documentation, but something appears to be missing as these do not work. We set up CO 1 to CO4 as accounts 811 - 814, these are assigned to buttons on a handset. However, when the button is pressed the response is Not Found? There is a requirement to enter a parameter but no documentation on what the parameters might be or any examples. CO lines show inbound and outbound parameters separately? Also the request url?
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  5. Did you try *58? You need to set the permissions for that feature in the permissions tab of the extension to use this feature. Then you can enter what calls you want to listen to.
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  7. Hi SRQ, Although we agree that documentation needs a touch up and a bit more appeal to it, but there is always a learning curve. Because we have a lot of features and functionalities, the data that goes in the text on the documentation is also huge and a little tedious sometimes But if you read through them a little slowly and try to implement it at the same time on the PBX, it all comes together. Having said that, what are the doc pages that you need to be more simpler and easier to understand?
  8. Vodia really needs to improve the documentation as well as set up some sort of training modules or videos. I like the software, but the frustration involved in getting done what I need to do without getting vague answers is a bit much. I don't want someone to do it for me. If I'm going to sell this software and install it, I need to know how to set it up.
  9. Maybe this feature might wants a look into it from our end. It might take a little while for us to visit, will update this thread as soon as our developers visit this topic.
  10. This will be difficult to discuss here on the forum - better schedule a hangout with support and go through the details.
  11. Hi, I believe *97 star code is for voicemail not call recording. My concern is how can I listen recorded call not voicemail.
  12. We needed to see if you're accessing the retired parts of the pages or the new ones, hence the question earlier. Can you send us the link of the page where you're seeing these pages being dead? Maybe this is a better question.
  13. This is a bit amazing. 1. The docs page is on the Vodia Website as can be seen in the link that i posted in the first message. https://doc.vodia.com/ 2. I did post a link in the first message. https://vodia.com/features/
  14. Support

    Video Calls

    Hi, As long as the call begins with an Audio and ONLY THEN switches to a video, it should work after that point as your settings look in place. Yes Vodia doesn't entertain the call if it begins with Video itself, it has to switch from Audio to video ONLY. Only then it might work, which we understand may not be the option when dealing with an Intercom device. Unfortunately, we won't be able to get the Action URL option going from the Yealink's end or a XML button as well at this point.
  15. getmp3s

    Video Calls

    With the older model Yealink video phones, there is no way to turn on a "start video" button that I can tell, the VP530 is a beast of a phone, but it lacks this one simple feature. Its a completely different firmware then the newer Yealink phones (screenshots) and i've already tried every conceivable permutation of options to see if there is a built in start video button. Can you think of a way to do it by Action URL button? or perhaps an XML button that asks Vodia to RE-INVITE with video? or is there any way Vodia can send the audio/video in the original invite? Unfortunately the Mobotix intercom (which is the caller) doesn't have an option to re-invite either, it makes the call with audio and video right away and its up to the phone to accept both, with vodia not forwarding the video request on the original invite, and the yealink not having a way to re-invite, its road blocked this install until i find someway to re-invite with video. I'm using Vodia 62.0.3. Any suggestions? I wish we could just replace these phones, but cost is an issue for the client and I didn't foresee this dilemma. Thanks again;
  16. How can the backend know what formatting I need for incoming CIDs on a given trunk? Only one trunk has issues, and there are several. (Incoming calls only -- there are no issues with outgoing calls.)
  17. There are no settings on the GUI that we have for the inbound calls. We do have settings for the outgoing calls though. Hence we've made some fundamental changes to back end of the PBX which may fix your issues.
  18. Ok. Where do I configure these things in this version? Ideally I would like to prefix +423 to all numbers lacking a 00 prefix (local numbers) and replace 00 prefixes with + for international numbers. So 2371336 would turn into +423 2371336 and 0013343456666 would turn into +1 3343456666 . (Incoming calls only)
  19. Hi, We made a few changes to the back end of the latest 63.1 (http://portal.vodia.com/downloads/pbx/version-63.1.xml) version for handling your scenario in a better manner. Can you please upgrade and test it, maybe it helps.
  20. Support

    Video Calls

    On our VP59 phone here we found it via googling and tapping over all the settings as seen in the image below.
  21. getmp3s

    Video Calls

    I think i've got an incompatible model, it provisions some fields but doesn't add a video start button nor can I find a way to enable such a button in the phones settings. It's an older model Yealink VP530 that our client has 10 of. Would you happen to have the XML code i could try pushing to the phone, or perhaps as a BLF key? thanks for your reply to such an old topic!
  22. Hi, Well, it's the inbound (not dialed) that I'm looking to change. In other words, the number that is presented on calees' phones and in logs etc. The trunk provider presents local numbers without the correct international prefix, which makes it difficult to process these calls correctly.
  23. Hi, We suppose you're looking for the outgoing call and how you can make changes to the dialed number. Please refer to this doc page and examples on it: https://doc.vodia.com/domain_dialplans
  24. The star code is *97 and not *85. Unless you've changed all the star codes on your end then look for "Go to voicemail" star code.
  25. Support

    Video Calls

    The Yealink's don't come by default with the Video options shown on their screen, you have to turn them on manually after logging into the phone (after it has been provisioned with Vodia PBX).
  26. Hi, Are you saying the pages on doc are broken or the Vodia's website? Can you send us a few link as examples?
  27. From the admin level 9 log - webclient webserver and general
  28. I'm trying at version 63.0.5. Which logs you needed?
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