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  2. What do you mean the extensions are causing issues? Can you please elaborate or attach screenshots if you can?
  3. Oh Sorry, i didnt open a new case/post/thread The section that is doing this weird thing is not in Trunks, but in Extensions. Thats where the warning is poping up. WEBRTC is working like a Charm. But i never seen this warning before.. I could try to delete it and recreate later tonite.. and get back to you. unless you think something else is causing this behavior. There is no signs yet, of secondary effects because of this... But i will love to get rid of any Flag causes like this one. -M
  4. In that case, can you send us the http login for your PBX. We will test it here.
  5. Correct. i have the hosted version. Additional license information: Domains: 3/1000, Calls: 0/1000, Alerts: 0/0, Adhoc Recording, CSTA, Lync Connectivity, UHLL support, CRM support, WebRTC support, Barge, Listen, Whisper, Trunk Accounting, Prepaid, Automatic Recording, Fax2Email
  6. Your license does say "webRTC support" on it on this page /reg_status.htm right?
  7. if i can be provided with a hint, for what to look or where to look? Will be greatly appreciated. Scenario: I did created a new Domain, with same information as the localhost content had. Once i done with each domain, i deleted the previous one. I created a defaultxxx new dialplan, and applied to the new Trunk and its account extensions All other Account/extensions were identical created and modified, but only that one in part is giving me the HTTP Warning. Should i delete the whole account or renamed? Thank You Dalton
  8. Thank You. I havent been able to locate that default value, that i have no idea where can that be I did the same to other accounts under extensions, and that hasnt show to the rest of them. Only this one in particular.. All using the same dialPlan and same Trunk.
  9. That means they override a default value. You might have set another password atop of the default one.
  10. Yes I can hear the fax tone when I call, you tell me about a gateway. it is not the IPBX that transforms the fax into an email?
  11. Hi, Nevermind the prev. question. im already testing the modality. One question i have is, that after i created a new Domain+Account+Extension, This is how it looks at the rightmost side under VMail+Status after Default2 1 (Warning Logo) HTTP I been looking all over the configs but not luck yet. Any ideas? Thank You
  12. Last week
  13. You can use e.g. truecnam.com to tell the PBX what numbers are suspected SPAM and which ones are not (in reg_recording.htm). First you need to get an account with them.
  14. It seems that you have a license with the Fax-to-mail feature enabled. Do you hear the FAX CNG tone when you call the mailbox? The gateway that you are using must support the T.38 protocol. If that all does not help, please generate a PCAP for this extension and open a trouble ticket.
  15. What we need to put here, please guide.
  16. On a specific number lots of Spam call are coming. Please advise how we can block these Spam call. Peoples are calling from different numbers, every time call came in it has a different ANI.
  17. Hello. I can't get FAX to mail. My ipbx sends me many emails but no faxes. With each try I increase the mailbox by an empty message. Is there a particular trick or configuration?
  18. Hi. In reality, either way... Specially for when lots off enabled IP attackers are leaved as enabled for the time been.. Thank You
  19. So you want to white-list an address that was blacklisted?
  20. Od because it installed just fine.. We will open a ticket now and provide reference to this topic.
  21. Ehhh 63.0.4 is not out yet... what OS are you on? If you can give us HTTP(S) access to your server we can handle that for you - for that just open a ticket with the description (or a link to this topic) and login credentials.
  22. Hi. This is a feature request maybe. It is possible to have near the two Buttons [Delete] [Reload] add functionality for [ BLOCK ] or [ UNBLOCK ] after selecting the IPs from the list? What would i like to achieve? -To easily just block or unblock selected ones. Just Right there.. Its an idea.. after checking and managing things on. Thank You -M
  23. I also mean, im having this kind of attacks and many other combination of it now : <sip:a'or'3=3--@localhost> <sip:00148223071956@localhost> But i have an IVR not allowing to go directly to a far end extension to make someone getting crazy there. Extensions are behind another remote PBX, im using Pattern and CallerId Pattern together to make the webrtc call be responded unless it comes directly from the webpage. (i presumed), so i wont exhaust the remote PBX available lines limitation. Will this functionality would keep going if i use a domain name other than localhost one? Thank You
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