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  2. hi, I saw that you can login via QR code on new Android APP. How do I create the QR code for the desired extension? Can I send an email to the extension with all my login details? tnx Damiano
  3. Right, but the "typical" situation that I am describing here is different than the typical that you present. What I am reading is that on a 400+ person phone system with 17 locations where over 50% of the people travel to each of the sites or sit at a desk for second or third shift, I would need to put 200+ phones as dummy extensions and have the users hot desk to each of these phones. Which seems crazy. The Vodia system binds the MAC address of the phone to an extension and I get that. But it lacks the flexibility of a mobile workforce where desks are chosen based on arrival time at the office(s) and individuals login to desks that may be assigned to 2 or 3 people.
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  5. No that would be an additional device to ring. Typically that should not be a problem if all hot desking users use devices which are not called directly and which have dummy extension numbers.
  6. OK, so let me ask this a different way. Is there any way to have it so that when someone comes in and hot desks to a phone that is assigned to an extension that that extension does not ring? Meaning if User A's extension is assigned to a phone and User B comes in and hot desks to that phone, User A's extension does not ring on the phone?
  7. As far as we know it, and while we already have hot desking in place, this might not be introduced into the system soon enough.
  8. Unfortunately, we don't offer that for now.
  9. Hello, We are now using Yealink phones and using hot desking which works fine. However the customer now would like when someone sits down at a phone that is provisioned for user A, to then log out User A and login User B. The issue is that when they hot desk the phoen calls still come in to the phone for User A while User B is sitting there and they do not want this to happen. This is doable on 3CX by logging the phone out and then logging the phone back in as the second user. The second user can then logout at the end of the day and the following day User A can log back in. Help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  11. Phone type - no this should be actually automatic (otherwise edit it in the domains phone list where there is a bulk action). Attach voicemails as emails - yet that is a "class" simple setting for an extension that should be no problem with CSV.
  12. OK, then can I ask this.... Can we set up things like Phone type and template to use and extension to attach voicemails as email using the CSV?
  13. It should be in a 8KHz, Mono, Wav, 16 bit format.
  14. OK. I tried to upload a 143 Kb wav file, an MP3 file and all at a couple of different rates. When I go to upload it, the box around the file goes red. I tried it in stereo and mono and at 11025Hz and at other sample rates. Does it need to be named in a certain format?
  15. We'll add another way in the next version where you can factory reset the device with a USB memory stick.
  16. Has the phonebridge been integrated to make and receive calls, or only for logging?
  17. Hello, How can I upload and set to use a default auto attendant greeting? I see a location to name which default greeting to use, but no place to upload it or set it to be used.
  18. how to reset or default vodia iop
  19. Support


    Nope, you do not need a handset at all to make a call from the browser. That's the beauty of it. Just make sure you're logged into the browser (Chrome ONLY) via https and not http and make sure your license supports "webrtc calls" (it will say that on the /reg_status.htm page) and your firewall is open for all the SIP and RTP necessary ports on the router and on your laptop as well (infact take down the laptop firewall to make sure it's not hindering your call at all momentarily for testing). And make a call to another extension (if you have any provisioned / registered) or to your cell phone (given you have a trunk and a working dial plan set already) and hook up an earphone to your laptop and happy making calls.
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    Yes I have but I need a handset to make a call from the user portal. Unless I'm missing something obvious and there's a way to make a call without a handset registered
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    That doesn't address the issue of registering a handset that doesn't have a vodia template where I need an authid to register the handset
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    If you want to try the Vodia soft phone for Windows, please contact support. Maybe that's easier.
  23. Did you (maybe accidentally) enable to auto logout at midnight?
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  25. I tested no difference. Right now the format is $r/$o/$n/$d-$t-$i-$n-$u.wav
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