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  3. Added some more information to the page - about what file name you need to put in there to make the provisioning magic work.
  4. Thanks. Yes, we used this link as a guide and the web server is enabled like mentioned in my 1st post. We are testing it in the local LAN. I tried now to provision it manually but we dont even see an auth connection in the logs. I know, its rather an old model, but we want to try it.
  5. Yes you can provision those devices. Did you see the information on https://doc.vodia.com/provisioning_panasonic_phones ? "However because by default the phones don't have their web server enabled, this requires a manual enabling of the web server." - so I would try to provision them first in the LAN - then you can see what provisioning URL was set in case you want to use them for hosted PBX. it is not as convenient as modern models, but should work nevertheless.
  6. Ok, thanks. I will try it manually. I thought it could work automatically like described on the realease note site: Panasonic. We have added support for some Panasonic phones (KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133, KX-UT136, KX-UT248, KX-UT670, KX-UTG200B and KX-UTG300B). Automatic provisioning and BLF is supported for those devices. https://doc.vodia.com/releasenotes640
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  8. Hello, we are trying to set up an older Model of the Panasonic. Actually it should work when activating the Web Server, what i did. But Autoprovisioning is not working. The firmware has been updated and the Vodia is the new version 64 Any idea what we can try next? Br myTweak
  9. @Support @Vodia PBXThanks for the hint, we tried now a local DNS for company1 and tried to auth with user 50 only (without the @domain). This way Zoiper works. But when we have multi domain, then it adds 2x the @. One is for the Domain and one for the registrar. So for testing purposes, this is fine now. Later we will have public DNS entries.
  10. For that (and for many other occurrences) you should give it a name that is DNS resolvable. It is okay to keep the short name as alias, but the primary name should be the "long" DNS name.
  11. The \* means match a * character. So this pattern would match e.g. 9*1234. Usually you don't need those complex (and powerful) "extended regular expression", simple expressions do 99 % of the job...
  12. We do have documentation about this part exactly as well: If you Ctrl + F for "\1" or "\2" on this https://doc.vodia.com/domain_dialplans , you will know more.
  13. If I setup dial plan Pattern Replacement 9(\*)([0-9]*).* \1\2 Please what is the meaning of this setup? There is very little documentation on dial plans.
  14. Have you tried to switch the setting "Use domain name instead of IP address" on /reg_pnp_settings.htm page?
  15. Hello community, we are trying to set up the Zoiper android app with Multidomain with separate Trunks for every domain. So with Email, it also generates now the QR-code with user@company1 domain for the login. So with the Vodia Android App it works fine, but Zoiper doesnt recognize the User@domain1 or the IP-Adress. Is there any info or tutorial regarding Zoiper and Multidomain configuration? Br myTweak
  16. Earlier
  17. Well the PBX checks at midnight if any of the certificates need to be renewed. If you can wait until morning it should heal itself.
  18. Just make sure that all of your domains are FQDN and are accessible via port 80 and give it less than 2 hours. The certs should begin to be assigned in the same section as seen above. For more, Ctrl + F for "ACME" on https://doc.vodia.com/releasenotes610
  19. I realize that this is a bit old. i have always used purchased certs, but this is a much better solution. However, i have read everything above and i am not sure what to do as there are no longer any selections to make as Lets Encrypt is default. I dont see any certifcates in place and i am not sure how to make that happen now, as https now gives the warning, as i have removed the purchased cert. What are we supposed to do to enable lets encrypt as i have read everything but there seems that there is nothing to actually do to make this happen in v. 64. thanks
  20. Hi, I am also getting the same issue. Updated to vodia 64 and now yealink T42s are not lighting the VM indicator for individual mailboxes. Tried to reprovision phones, updated to latest handset firmware. Would love to know the answer to this one.
  21. You can use service flags to control which WAV is being played. Maybe that helps?
  22. Unfortunately, there is no way for that to be done. You can only record it, the application of it still has to be done from the web interface.
  23. You could use the code *80 for that. However that might not be the right thing because it set the redirect all to the specified value. It is usually used for "snow days" when there is nobody in the office. The other idea would be to program the IVR node. There is a action "set" that can set any parameter "night", e.g. action:set?name=night&value={input}&account=70 (see https://doc.vodia.com/ivrnodes) - however the account parameter was not available until version 64.1 (available for CentOS64 and Debian64 as of now).
  24. Can someone easily tell me if it is possible to pre=record multiple auto attendant greetings in advance and then toggle as needed without having to re-record every time?
  25. Hi, Unfortunately, the Night service number isn't a feature that we offer which can be changed via the phone itself.
  26. We have a client that would like to change where their night mode goes to each week. We can do it easy enough from the web interface, but haven't been able to figure a way for the user(s) to complete this from the handset. They can disable\enable night service without issue, but we haven't found a way for them to change the night service number. Does anyone have any idea?
  27. Oh ok - yes # is kind of special. The problem with the auto attendant is that the choices in the auto attendant (press 1 for sales) may overlap with extension numbers (101). In that case the # means that the auto attendant would not wait for a timeout.
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