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  1. Based on the explanation, PBX is sending P-Charging vector under .1075 version and the trunk provider seems to like it. But in .1090, as I mentioned earlier, we do not send that header, unless you explicitly set it. So, before switching to .1090, please make a call and capture the SIP trace (basically, the INVITE that is going out to the trunk provider from snomONE). This will help you (and us) to see what is really going out to the provider. Then switch to .1090 & change the RFC3325 (P-Asserted-Identity) to Custom Headers & set P-Charging-Vector to Use ICID value & set some value under Charging Vector:.
  2. http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Epsilon_Geminids_( has steps to follow for the upgrade.
  3. Well, the PBX will be running under the "SYSTEM" account. That may not have permission to write the file on the shared folder. Do you see any error on the PBX log, like the one below? [0] 2012/07/16 13:55:18: Could not open s:\cdrs\20120716-13.csv for writing
  4. The system has a file called 'ringback.wav'(under audio_en folder, for English). The is the file used for playing the ringback to the caller. You can change this so that everyone gets your music as the ringback (take proper care when creating this wav file - size, format etc). But if you did not want this change on the whole system, then you can do this per user level too. With the admin login, you can navigate to the extension->mailbox page and upload a ringback file for a specific user.
  5. Maybe the indices under the 'cdri/cdre/cdrt' folders have corrupted. One thing you can try is to rename the folders (or back up those folders and delete them). PBX will recreate them anyways and we can verify it is the index issue or something else. Other thing to check is to see if you have modified the email template.
  6. Please upgrade to the latest ( and the problem should go away.
  7. What version of snomONE are you using. There was some changes in the blind transfer area couple of versions ago.
  8. You can provide us with the SIP logs from .1075 and the screen shots from the same. Under the Trunk->Remote Party/Privacy Indication: Custom Headers: P-Charging-Vector:. In .1090, we are forcing it to "Don't user header" if it was not explicitly set on the previous versions. In .1075, we always send it even if it was not explicitly set on the previous versions.
  9. The "Assume call coming from user" is interfering with the "cell phone feature". We will fix it in the next version.
  10. If you did not have the pnp.xml customized in the previous version (either from the web page control or keeping a custom pnp.xml under the 'html' folder), upgrade should bring you the new pnp.xml automatically. If you feel it is too "difficult" for figure it out, please find the attached pnp.xml. pnp.xml
  11. Please provide us with the screen shots of trunk and SIP log of a failed call. Generally to should be a smooth upgrade. Only thing that pops out from the release notes is - "P-Charging vector: this will be set only if the older version had something set for that field."
  12. Make sure that your pnp.xml file has <file name="snom_760.xml" encoding="xml"> <pattern>snom760.htm</pattern> <vendor>snom</vendor> <anonymous>true</anonymous> <protocol>tftp,http,https</protocol> <pnp-vendor>snom</pnp-vendor> <pnp-model>snom760</pnp-model> <pnp-version>^[78]</pnp-version> <pnp-content-type>application/url</pnp-content-type> <pnp-url>{https-url}/snom760.htm</pnp-url> </file>
  13. That was a design decision taken on v4 and it's been like that for a long time. The reason is that PBX should be just worried about the external calls and not the internal ones.
  14. As long as the PBX has access to the drive/folder, the files should be created there.
  15. I remember that our QA has skype trunk working in the lab. Not sure if Skype really supported TLS (even though the documentation says so). We will double check that. BTW, did you check out this forum link - http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/4827-skype-connect-seems-to-be-not-compatible/page__p__21206__hl__skype__fromsearch__1#entry21206
  16. You should be seeing this page through any of the navigation links on a default installation. That's why there is no documentation on that. You would probably see this only if you directly type reg_system.htm on the address bar or have modified the HTML page templates. We have/had that page for the CS410 appliance only.
  17. Do you have a 'cdrs' folder on that drive and permission to create files on that folder? Other than that you do not need anything else.
  18. The quickest thing is to get access to your system and take a look at the setup (i.e., whether any cell phone association is going on or AA is involved in the call flow, etc) and possibly get the trace. In the meantime we will setup something in the lab to replicate your diagram.
  19. At times, folks running with simple/weak passwords (account 100, password 100 or password test ) is a security risk. In such cases, the admin can select those accounts and make them secure. Basically, PBX will generate random/secure passwords for those accounts and send emails (if email is setup) informing the change.
  20. http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Call_Detail_Records_(CDRs) explains different types of CDR destination. The one you are interested is file:f:/cdrs/$d-$h.csv The above value in the CDR URL will save the date-hour.csv file under f:/cdrs folder, where f is the shared network drive.
  21. The example shown there is the actual XML that you have to send to the PBX and it will return the session id in the response.
  22. 1- I have reg_system.htm that contain WAN PORT and SERVER DNS 1 and 2 + NTP server. Can you please point me to the documentation in that regards. Did not understand the question here. 2- I have note that dom_accounts.htm display several information that are unchecked, it seams to be looking at something since the download is rolling... and finally the display become clean... Is this a normal behavior? That is normal if you have a lot of accounts or slow connection to the server from wherever you are accessing from. Basically, the server sends everything to the browser and the javascript will display or hide based on what is selected. 3- dom_accounts.htm administrator are displayed with "#" instead of " [size="5"]*[/size] " Yes, now you can have both system and domain administrator options. 4- reg_appear.htm ... [font=Verdana, Helv, sans-serif][size=2]Logo Link: do not seems to be working... path is html/img/Background2.jpg that use to work on previous version and not on this one, but the file is present on the directory.[/size][/font] Please take a look at http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=OEM
  23. The actual changes that you made on those pages is hard to know by looking at the XML file, if you don't know what they are (in this buggy state). But you can always delete all the files under the 'webpages' folder and check the web interface again. Then make changes whatever you don't like.
  24. If you know what files have changed by using this crude method, then note down these names. Delete all these files from 'webpages' folders, assuming you know what those changes were. Then redo the changes on the new version. Possibly, there were some issues in the older versions and that may be causing the issue of not showing up under modified files list on the web interface.
  25. If you navigate to the Admin->Status->Call log, do you see any calls listed there. All those calls (for a specified date) should be in the email. Make sure the dates/system time are ok.
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