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Is outgoing email to fax possible?


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Hello all! I have inbound fax to email setup for several of my customers but was wondering if there is any way to send outgoing faxes from email using the Vodia PBX? Several of my customers have asked for this service. Up until now we have used several ATAs (Cisco & Grandstream) for outbound faxing using cutomers' traditional fax machines with mixed results, but none have been what I would call reliable. Inbound faxing through the Vodia PBX however has worked great, so I'd love to be able to use it for outbound faxing as well. Let me know if anybody out there has set this up, or what you have found is the best solution for outbound faxing using the Vodia PBX. Thank you!

I'm on Vodia Multi-Tenant 66.0.6 hosted on Google's Cloud.

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You can open a ticket at https://support.vodia.com. Anyhow, it seems that the front end is doing something, it show the cancel button and a progress dot. That is usually a sign that the call gets started but the other side does not seem to have interest in switching to T.38. We are most probably talking about a problem with your service provider, not so much the front end. You could enable the PCAP feature on your SIP trunk and attach it to the ticket.

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