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Outgoing call: noise before tone


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We're having a SnomOne connected via SIP Trunk to an Asterisk gateway which manages a Sangoma PRI/T1 card + line.


Now the phenomenom is that if I dial an external number, the devices (870) will play some noise for about 1-2 seconds before the actual dialing tone starts. From the network perspective the internal connect from SnomOne -> Asterisk is a 1Gbit QoS based connection, with packet runtimes below 1ms.


SnomOne is latest release + FW 8.4.31 for the devices (although the problem is also present with older versions for both of them)


If I connect the 870 directly to the Asterisk, the noise is not there.


Any ideas, especially on how to measure the SIP trunk SnomOne <-> Asterisk from a quality perspective?



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Comfort noise is an expected behavior. You can force a local ringback ("Trunk->Force Local ringback", if you are using some of the recent versions), if you don't like what is coming back from the trunk provider.


Cool - ill try that.




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The noise that plays on the system comes from the pbx it's a "comfort noise" found in snom/snomONE/audio_moh/noise.wav

This is used when connecting to a pstn for example. If you would like to remove you can do so.


Unfortunately it is not possible to remove this file on the Snom One Plus PBX as you are not given the root password and this file has root permissions. Ideas anyone?




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