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Activation attempts hang


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Trying to activate a Snom ONE v5 installation for the first time via the browser and it hangs. I enter my activation code (starts with a 5), click on Submit and seems to do nothing. I have verified that I have internet access from the server and that both iptables and ip6tables are stopped. Interestingly, in Firefox and Chrome the button is Submit but in IE it is Submit Query. I get further with IE than I do with Chrome or Firefox!!


I am stuck right now as I cannot progress any further.



Stephen Westrip

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switch to admin---> scroll down to status general to check if the license has been activated

If the issue is that you don't see any of the domains or user please upgrade your chrome browser to the latest or firefox.

you can verify if your web browser support html5 or websocket as well.


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I'm encountering exactly the same isue.


Fresh Centos 6.5 install with Fresh snom 5.1.3


I try to activate with my license code.


3 browsers:


Firefox Mac v26

Safari : 6.05

Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 (Latest)


After clicking on Submit, the button remains gray and the system is not being licensed.


Please note that a file is being created in the snoOne folder : pbxctrl-license.xml


That's all. System remains unusable.


How can we proceed?



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After verbosing the log :

[5] 0:21:52.964	GENE:	License: Activate license with code ###############
[0] 0:21:55.734	SIP:	Cannot send packet: No license
[0] 0:22:02.391	WEBC:	Last message repeated 3 times
[4] 0:22:02.391	WEBC:	HTTP client: Timeout on
[5] 0:22:02.391	WEBC:	Web request failed with code 0, retrying
[8] 0:22:02.391	WEBC:	HTTP client: Resolving www.snomone.com
[8] 0:22:02.394	WEBC:	HTTP client: Connect to, pending requests 2
[3] 0:22:02.394	GENE:	Could not connect to
[9] 0:22:02.394	TLS:	HTTP 
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Thanks for your answer.


I'm surprised because trunks cannot also work. They work only if I specify Trunk proxy IP.


What should I do exactly?


My resolv.conf contains :

search ovh.net

Isn't it sufficient?


I can't figure out why SnomONE service cannot resolve itself as from the shell ping and wget manage successfully to resolve any domain, including snomone.com


Best regards,


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I have noticed that I'm also encountering the problem to connect trunks.


My trunk registrations only work when I set IP adresses in the proxy.


Could you tell me more about I should proceed with PCAP and filter DNS packet because it seems beyond my technical knowledge.


Kind regards,


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Ok I will install tshakr and I will see.


Here are other log of SnomPBX :

[5] 19:46:46.608	GENE:	License: Activate license with code XXXXXXXXXXX
[8] 19:46:46.608	SIP:	DNS: Request www.snomone.com from server
[8] 19:46:46.609	SIP:	DNS: Add A www.snomone.com (ttl=60)
[8] 19:46:46.610	SIP:	DNS: Request www.snomone.com from server
[8] 19:46:46.610	SIP:	DNS: Add AAAA www.snomone.com (ttl=60)

[8] 19:47:46.609 SIP: DNS: A www.snomone.com expired


Does it help you?





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