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Version 4 RC

Vodia PBX

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Thanks all for all helping us to test the various beta versions, this temendeously helped us testing the system out in all kinds of environments that we can never test in a lab environment. We feel that we can make the final turn for release.


There are still issues open, some minor and some great ideas what we should add. However further holding back the release seems like a mistake to us. The current state provides with the best stability and feature set ever. Then after release we can continue working on new features and start the release cycle for version 5.


We also have some 500 pages of documentation ready for this release. We will post the links seperately. Also, this time we have put the release notes into a PowerPoint presentation and we will also make this available shortly.


Here are the links:



Win32 - http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxctrl-


Debian 4- http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxctrl-debian4.0-


Centos - http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxctrl-centos5-


FreeBSD - http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxctrl-freebsd7.0-


SuSE10 - http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxctrl-suse10-


CS410 - http://pbxnsip.com/cs410/update-

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pbxnsip isn't support on win server 2009. ;-) (i had to say that)


great job pbxnsip.




you are right. sorry for the typo. obviously i was refering to server2008. however, the pbxnsip service deactivates shortly after login. same effect on serfver 2008 :-)

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We are working on some timer issue on the Mac version. Once it is resolved, we will publish it.


One more thing folks need to know is that if you are an older(say from 3.0.x) license key, you may run into issues on 4.0 versions. You may need to check with the sales/marketing group to sort this issue out.

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I have some PnP problems with the new version, my Snom 300 and 320 (fw 8.2.29) phones are not provisioned correctly anymore:


I cannot set the VLAN ID anymore via the PBXNSIP webinterface, the field is gone on the PnP tab.


Also the Pin for Administrator is not working, it doesn't matter what is configured, the phone will be provisioned with "1234".


And even the web password needed for access to the Snom webinterface is not provisioned to the phone so I cannot access it anymore due to authentication failure. The password provisioned from the snom_3xx_phone.xml placed into the generated directory is not working to get webaccess to the phone...


The last thing I have noticed about provisioning is that the language on my phones is set to english, the phones are not picking up the dutch language anymore? When set logging to 8 I see the following error message in PBXNSIP:

[8] 2010/05/01 15:15:26: Received request for file snom/gui_lang_NL.xml

[8] 2010/05/01 15:15:26: Error finding snom/gui_lang_NL.xml, Send back 404 Not Found

And the files are still there...


Another problem with the assigned buttons is that the agent login/logout button is not working anymore.

With the 3.4 release of PBXNSIP this was a toggle button to login to or logout of the assigned agent group but now only the led is showing the status and the button is not working anymore.


Does anyone know how to handle these problems?


Kind regards,



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feedback--i love the phone handset experience when the WAC dials another extension: it beeps your own extension and starts ringing right away. Very nice user experience. cool.


The WAC UI for dialing still requires help- first you when you position your mouse over the little red triangle the cursor turns to a four-way arrow (move cursor) , then when you click on "Initiate Call" there is no visual/or any indication you clicked it correct. You tend to do it twice then you have 2 calls going to the same ext...not good UI or UX.


I was wondering how you will get a good UI/UX on the WAC using web. I think you are actually getting there. So- very cool. The big benefit is that the WAC works on Mac, Linux and basically what ever...so that is really good.


windows pbx and Mac:




just some feedback


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WAC parking:

call parking using WAC menu. it calls back the extension doing the parking on another line? kinda weird--probably not intentional? Also same not so good UI/UX (user experience) in that menu ...u don't know you actually clicked the menu.


also would be good to indicate the parked call on the WAC? Ideally a way to handle the calls.



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