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Any plans to intergrate with Zoho Phonebridge?


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On 9/13/2019 at 1:31 AM, Support said:

Zoho integration is still under test for now. We've run into menial troubles that might take some more time to be available fully.

We shall update this thread ASAP.

Just posting again to show this is super important and so it does not fall away into the abyss, any kind of ETA for this ? 

ZoHo have now added phone bridge into other Zoho products as well,  Zoho One, Zoho Recruit and Zoho Mail along with CRM.

It's a great selling feature to customers to be able to say the PBX can integrate and support the full Phone Bridge feature set. 



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I think Vodia should say clearly if Zoho CRM/Phonebridge is supported or not. I got the enterprise version for the Zoho CRM integration, according the link https://doc.vodia.com/zoho_crm it should work but in fact it doesn't.

I spent hours trying to get all this working and then Zoho support (I'm a Zoho one customer) told me this:

Sorry to disappoint you. Please note that as of now you can only use the supported providers of Zoho. Please log-on to crm.zoho.com--> Click Setup--> Select Telephony under Channels and check the list if supported providers--> you can integrate any one of listed supported providers.
You can find the supported telephony partners from this list: https://www.zoho.com/telephony/provider-lists.html
Unfortunately, it is not possible to use any of the unlisted providers with Zoho. Since you are using the telephony integration with Zoho using API it is not supported and we are unable to assist for the error facing with it.  If you want to register your provider as a supported partner for Zoho, please access the below link and register the details of the telephony system you are using.

In fact in one of the log I found this:

https:www.zohoapis.eu:443: Return content (90 bytes)ⓘ

I opened a ticket on support.vodia.com support and they are just saying like "did you check the docs? did you check this and that?".

I'm using the last version and build 65.0.10, I'm on Google Cloud with all the ports opened, https working, the check on the right of the "GET AUTH CODE" on the CRM setting of the extension is GREEN.

Just to avoid other waste of time, I ask to Vodia engineers to officially say if Zoho CRM/Phonebrige is working or not, thanks a lot.

Alessandro Marzini

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vodia is now in the list, I am getting the same as above.  Green tick, no in or out with Zoho.  In Wireshark I can see  a DNS request for phonebridge.zoho.com and getting the right IP back.  There then looks to be a flow of traffic TCP and TLS v1.3 to/from the IP and my PC.  But nothing when I call in or try to dial out.  The config steps seem pretty simple, not a lot to do.  What part is missing?

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